Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's in your carry-on?

"What's in your carry-on?"

I'm a'leavin' for the hills ya'll! Going home for a little visit that is... I can not WAIT to see family, and eat at Chick Filet!...and go to a Target!...but lemme tell ya, I'm dreading that 18 hour ordeal that I must go through in order to get there.

I have neglected my little bloglet...sorry about that, but this week and last week were filled with finals...i'm finally done!...for now that is...there will be more. Oh, the drudgery...(this is where my therapist would chime in encouraging me to use my posative self talk and focus on my accomplishments) Focus on my tasks at hand, that's what I need to do! I need to do laundry, organize, pack and get myself in order before embarking upon my 10 hour plane ride home...I leave in two days...yikes!

I have flown (or is it flew? flied?!) with Isabella all by myself many times...I have pretty much been through every embarassing airplane scenerio you can think of...right down to the cranky ritzy-titzy woman flipping up her sleep mask to glare at me and ask if I "couldn't give that baby something to quiet 'it' down?!" believe me lady, I tried that! efforts in futility come to mind.

If you ever find yourself about to fly alone with a toddler for about eh...all together, 18 hours? and you need to know what to include in your carry-on, Well i'm the woman for the job!

This picture is just kind of an example...the real deal carry-on will include many, many more snacks and a laptop.

Ok, so here's THE list...so far.

Travel neck pillow
Fuzzy pink blanket (airplane blankets are the pits)
Child leash, yeah! I put my kid on a leash, if you don't like it, then spend sometime with my child. You'll love it then.
Benadryl (reccommended by her pediatrician)
Tylanol (just in case)
Band-aids, ever cut your finger on the overhead container? hurts.
Lysol, airplane bathrooms, 'nuff said
Hand sanitizer, see above
travel toothbrush and toothpaste, I can't stand to have fuzzy teeth
P-J's for Bella to change into
He favorite books
A million diapers
A million diapers for me...(did I seriously just take a picture of tampons? sorry guys...)
Cell phone
Color Wonder coloring book and drawing pad (a beautiful invention!)
Color Wonder crayons...markers
Hand lotion and a teensy tiny bottle of parfum (we hate airplan smell)
A dvd of Isabella's very favorite cartoons
PLENTY of wipes
Diaper changing pad
Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, chapstick...etc...

Ok...so far that's it. Am I missing something? Any ideas?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This face makes me happy

Eating Cream of Wheat before bed, in the midst of a madhouse of painting this gleeful little face is all it takes to put my world in order and set my mind at peace. One of those rare occasions where she completely cooperated with me and allowed me to take her pictures, she even included an added bonus of her silly spoon trick...what a happy face! After looking at these pictures I'm amazed at how much she has grown just since my last batch of pictures! she looks so much more like a toddler every day :( Why can't she just stay my little baby forever?