Sunday, February 21, 2010

A series of photos I like to call The Suburban Food Chain

Predator attempts to give off an aura of innocence.

"iz a very nize day today...yehz?"

Predator begins stalking prey.

Predator goes in for the kill.

Like a good gentleman...predator cleans himself.

"Yehz..I triez to eatz de feeshy...and de pointz?"

Gentleman predator missed lip-licking memo, it seems.

I am happy to report that Phineas the fish narrowly escaped certain peril by the skin of his phins-er...fins. He lives to die another day.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pioneer Dinner

Tonight I felt frisky. So I broke out my new best friend:

It's Ree! From Pioneer Woman

We're practically bff's...

See? I didn't get to actually go to a book signing...but my Aunty Gaye-Gaye did! This cookbook was my favorite Christmas present this year. I've already cooked my way through half the book. And gained a few lbs in the process...

Chicken Spaghetti...I was skeptical...but I made it last night and took it to my hubby on the ship...he engulfed an entire Rubbermaid container full in a matter of five minutes.

We're pinchin' pennies in this for dinner tonight we had the leftover Chicken Spaghetti...but I needed some sides to zest it up a bit, ya know? Well...PW never fails. I made the Ceaser Salad that was featured in yesterday's PW Cooks post...BEST Ceaser salad I have had in a long time.

I also decided to make the rolls that were featured in the same post. Holy Moley. I wish I hadn't. They were the perfect balance of buttery goodness and flavorful rosemary. I burnt the heck-fire out of my hand pullin' 'em out of the over though. I said a real bad word. (Been watching too much DeadWood)

Good thing my hand felt better in time for me to eat some of these Apple Dumplings...Also featured on same post. Call me unimaginative...or it could be PW just really knows how to put one heck of a meal together ;-)

I'll tell you one thing, though...I got one happy Hubby tonight, that's for sure.

98'th percentile for head size...all the better to perch hairbows on my dear!

Oh, how I love my little bean head....She'll grow into that gorgeous noggin of hers....I mean, I grew into mine...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Monkey see Monkey does...

A few weeks ago I enrolled my little monkey in a gymnastics baby is in a class. A class. With a teacher and baby!

We've also been looking into some private pre-schools for her. Pre-school! I can't abide. it's too much.


I had better change the subject before I need to call my momma.

My monkey...she loves her class. She's still trying to get the hang of the whole listening-to-a -teacher-and-following-directions thing...but she gets a little better with every class. Her favorite part is swinging from the rings. She looks just like the Orangutans at the Honolulu Zoo.

It's cruel is what this is. Straight up cruel. I need some greasy food now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy vintage lace batman!

I was lurking around one of my favorite thrifting haunts when I came across a wire rack of misc. textiles...they had various Ziploc bags crammed with odds and ends labeled "Buy one get one FREE" So, naturally I was all over that like white on rice...I figured I would spend 5 bucks and I was bound to come across something useful...holy moly spicy guacamole...I hit the mother-load!
I went home and eagerly un-stuffed my baggies discovering, to my delight, that I had literally hit vintage pay-dirt.

I admit...they have been spread out on the kitchen table for about a week now...every once in a while Isabella or I will wander over and sift through their wondrous fluffiness...dream a bit...then it's off again.

I think perhaps, that the best part of a good find, is the dreaming process, the planning of what you shall eventually use it for.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A woman's prerogative.

I'm exercising my special right! I've been feeling the bug the past couple of weeks...the blogging bug, that is.

That's right...I changed ma mind.

And there aint nothin' nobody can do 'bout it.