Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy vintage lace batman!

I was lurking around one of my favorite thrifting haunts when I came across a wire rack of misc. textiles...they had various Ziploc bags crammed with odds and ends labeled "Buy one get one FREE" So, naturally I was all over that like white on rice...I figured I would spend 5 bucks and I was bound to come across something useful...holy moly spicy guacamole...I hit the mother-load!
I went home and eagerly un-stuffed my baggies discovering, to my delight, that I had literally hit vintage pay-dirt.

I admit...they have been spread out on the kitchen table for about a week now...every once in a while Isabella or I will wander over and sift through their wondrous fluffiness...dream a bit...then it's off again.

I think perhaps, that the best part of a good find, is the dreaming process, the planning of what you shall eventually use it for.


G. B. Miller said...

Hey kiddo, I'll pay you $5.00 just for the Holly Hobby ribbon. LOL You could sell bits and pieces of this kind of stuff in an etsy shop I just betcha.

So glad you are back to blogging.

Tamerie Shriver said...

Wow! You did hit the other lode! I just love when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Remember your Moma really really likes to sew...Just sayin'

Shine said...

Awesome!!!!I DO love me a good find...especially when it begins with the word vintage :-). Glad to see you back on've been gone too long!

Mer said...

all that lace reminds me of the make your own bloomers tutorial on thred bangers :)


BlueCastle said...

Yeah! You're back! Good to see you. :) Love all that lace and trim. What a great stash to find.