Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pioneer Dinner

Tonight I felt frisky. So I broke out my new best friend:

It's Ree! From Pioneer Woman

We're practically bff's...

See? I didn't get to actually go to a book signing...but my Aunty Gaye-Gaye did! This cookbook was my favorite Christmas present this year. I've already cooked my way through half the book. And gained a few lbs in the process...

Chicken Spaghetti...I was skeptical...but I made it last night and took it to my hubby on the ship...he engulfed an entire Rubbermaid container full in a matter of five minutes.

We're pinchin' pennies in this for dinner tonight we had the leftover Chicken Spaghetti...but I needed some sides to zest it up a bit, ya know? Well...PW never fails. I made the Ceaser Salad that was featured in yesterday's PW Cooks post...BEST Ceaser salad I have had in a long time.

I also decided to make the rolls that were featured in the same post. Holy Moley. I wish I hadn't. They were the perfect balance of buttery goodness and flavorful rosemary. I burnt the heck-fire out of my hand pullin' 'em out of the over though. I said a real bad word. (Been watching too much DeadWood)

Good thing my hand felt better in time for me to eat some of these Apple Dumplings...Also featured on same post. Call me unimaginative...or it could be PW just really knows how to put one heck of a meal together ;-)

I'll tell you one thing, though...I got one happy Hubby tonight, that's for sure.


Amanda said...

Wow, you've been a busy lady in the kitchen! I'm thoroughly impressed. I look forward to a time in the foreseeably (I know, not a word) near future when I will be able to get close enough to the counter to be able to cook again. :p

Liz said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my site!! I'm glad you commented and followed so that I knew to come visit yours. Great place! I love PW and also have the cookbook, although I have yet to try anything. I was thinking that those rolls would be the first thing. Mmmmmm!

Have a wonderful week!

Loving This Mom Stuff

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yum!