Monday, June 30, 2008

Daddy's little cling-on

Since Tyler has gotten home, it doesn't matter where he goes or what he's doing, it's a safe bet that Isabella is going to be right by his side. All of her special kisses and night time snuggles are reserved for daddy...and I'm just an average Joe when daddy's around. My little whirlwind of activity that refuses to sit still will sit for periods of time as long as Tyler's by her side, content to just watch him at whatever he's doing.


I guess there's no hope for this Daddy's girl, she's all but besotted now that he's home. I suppose if I ever want to be a hero again I'll just have to have myself a little I'll have a mamma's boy :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a little something...

Just a little something special that happened to me in the Nex last night that I wanted to share. On Pearl Harbor there is a huge exercise every year called RIMPAC and representatives from Countries all over the world will flood the base, the restaurants, Nex, Commissary, and pretty much anywhere else within walking distance of base will be flooded with Koreans, Japanese, Australians, and Canadians. You hear pretty much every language in the world whenever you go out. I was standing in line at the elevator last night and a young guy, probably younger than my myself, was smiling and waving at Isabella who was shamelessly flirting with him with all she had...he was clearly from another country and was with a big group of other guys, but he looked up at me and said "she cute!" I thanked him and Tyler went on to ask him what Country he was with and he smiled and looked a little helpless...he struggled out enough words to explain that he didn't know any English, but he went on talking and smiling to Isabella. I was just so touched by this, here is a guy so far away from his own country and knows nothing of the language, but he used what few words he knew to talk to my little girl :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This just in!

A parcel was waiting for Isabella in the mail today! (I just love the word parcel) It was a birthday present from her Great Aunt Gaye-Gaye! I absolutely adore what was inside...just look at the beautiful illustrations in the vintage story book! We are in love with these books, I cannot wait to read each story out of the classics collection, we're going to start on it tonight in fact! It was all wrapped up in this to-die-for fairy wrapping paper and the beautiful, homemade, pink and white card. I love the wrapping paper! Thank you so much Gaye-Gaye, you can always find the niftiest stuff!

As it turns out, it's been an exciting mail week for miss Bella... not only did she get a card from her great grandma Newman, but she also received a box from her Auntie Kelsey in Japan! it was a bath time bubble machine and we had so much fun breaking it fact, Isabella learned to say the word bubble that night! it comes out more like "bubba" but we all know what she means :)

Isabella and I are currently getting ready to undergo a very messy project...we have many thank-you notes to write and I have the probably not-so-brilliant idea in my head that they should be home made and Isabella should have a "hand" in making them. We shall see how this goes...

Well, I'm off to put my face on and dry my hair before the princess wakes up. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Isabella's armpit hair?!?! I was upstairs running Isabella's bath, and Tyler was downstairs feeding her her bed time snack...when all of the sudden I heard my husband's uncontrollable guffaws of laughter coming from below...I raced downstairs before I missed whatever show she was putting on, and there was a shirtless Isabella in her highchair, relaxed, arms behind her head, just chillin' and taking it easy....and my husband, nearly falling out of his chair in hysterics. Apparently, the navy blue sailor shirt she had been wearing all day had left little lent deposits in her baby pits...they were covered in dark fuzz. She knew that whatever she was doing was funny so she sat there like this long enough for me to take pictures and then eventually started giggling herself.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Family day at the waterpark!

Tyler and I recently purchased annual passes to the local water park, and since every day in Hawaii is sunny and 80 we decided today was as good of a day as any to pack it all up and head to the waterpark... and I'm so glad that we did!

First off...for the peace of mind of all the grandmothers and great-grandmothers, since these were the first questions out of my mom's mouth. She wore plenty of sunscreen, which we re-applied religiously and we made sure that she had a life jacket on in any water that was over her head :) I know how all her mothers are, greats and grands alike. What a well taken care of girl she is!

That baby had a BALL! You could hear her cackling all around the children's area any time Tyler or I would take her down a slide...she would throw those hands up in the air and just laugh and shriek until her little belly jiggled. I had no idea how much she would love being in the water! I should have known though, her daddy was a life guard for so many years and is such a fish. He's even started teaching her how to swim and I was astounded to see that she already instinctively knows how to paddle her arms and legs and even puts her face in the water and blows bubbles! I think I'll be a swim meet mom instead of a soccer mom after all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Finally the homecoming pictures as promised! I had to do a picture round-up from other friend's cameras and unfortunately the really good pictures I have turned out smaller than the other ones...but you can still sort of see what's going on.

Homecoming was such a wonderful day! They had set up a nice tent with chairs for all of the husbands and wives, but everyone was so excited that no one could stand to sit still! Amid the fluttering skirts and flashing cameras, all of the ladies were frantically checking their hair and make-up every five minutes, babies were crying, and kids were running wild everywhere not sure how to handle their excitement about finally seeing their mommy or daddy. All eyes were turned to the horizon waiting for that little speck to appear that meant our ship had finally arrived...every once in a while someone would mistake a bird for the ship and loud cheers would erupt and then promptly die down into disappointed laughter. There were hula girls dancing to loud music, and people passing out shakers and flags, you can see Isabella thoroughly enjoying her shaker. Then of course there was the drawing for First Kiss. First Kiss is an honor that all of the spouses compete in for who's husband or wife gets to be the first sailor off the ship...they set up a red carpet for you and everything! Imagine my surprise when I heard my name announced over the loud speakers! Isabella and I were promptly whisked away to stand in the appropriate place and phone calls were made informing FC2 Plaas to be ready to step off the ship the moment the knots were tied. What an exciting 15 minutes this was! It was literally my 15 minutes of fame as the ship pulled in and air horns blared people screamed, signs were being waved all over the place and newspaper photographers rushed around to capture every single second. It's amazing to me that out of those hundreds of sailors leaning over the rail, dressed in their whites I could not for the life of me make out which one was my husband...but Isabella was waving that baby hand of hers for dear life, bouncing on my hip until I thought I might drop her, to my dumbfounded amazement, she and Tyler had managed to lock eyes in the crowd and they were exchanging some rather vigorous waves.

When finally the time came for Tyler to step off the ship, I put Isabella down and she trotted just as happy as you please down that red carpet and right into her daddy's arms, the lei around his neck freaked her out just a little bit, but after it was removed they were inseparable.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Isabella!!!



Whew! what a week we have had! I'm so sorry for my lack of blogging lately, but with Tyler's homecoming, trying to get back into the routine of things and then Isabella's birthday, we have been going non-stop it seems! Tyler was finally able to come home last week! Pictures to come soon...we are so happy to have out sailor home and I am happy to say that he and Isabella are pretty much inseparable now. He and I had good intentions of throwing her a big 1st birthday party, but the longer his deployment got extended the more we just wanted to have a small private little family party.
I decided to make her cake myself instead of buying one...I just feel like there is something so special about making my baby's first birthday cake, plus, I had so much fun doing it! I want to to shout out some special thanks to all of the family back home for their phone call birthday greetings, the beautiful cards they sent, and of course, the moolah! we had SO much fun spending it all at Gymboree...our favorite place! even Isabella gets excited whenever we go into the store now, she starts kicking her little feet and bouncing in her stroller because she knows that store is especially for her. She pretty much made out like a bandit...we had her birthday money, but when we went in I won a %50 off my ENTIRE purchase coupon! I was in heaven, I was able to buy her anything and everything we fancied, ( and that was quite a bit :-P ) So thanks again MamaJo, Granddaddy Plaas, kristina, Grandma Newman, and Brittainy!
Lovie and Granddaddy sent her a beautiful new story book, an absolutely adorable, organic cotton baby with her own little baby carrier and blanket, and her very own subscription to her first magazine! It's a magazine especially for babies and it's called Ladybug, how cute! I can't wait to get that first magazine in the mail so that we can read it together!
Auntie Gaye-Gaye has sent her a birthday package in the mail, so when we get it, I will be sure to post about much fun! we just love getting packages.

Tyler and I went to Toys R Us and each chose a toy for her. I chose a wooden Zoo animal pull-along toy since she loves anything with wheels, and Tyler chose a Noah's Ark set, we bought her a balloon which she loved and played with more than any of the toys she received, and then the grand finale of the day! we turned her car seat around to face the front. My baby is all grown up now! I was almost sad to reach this milestone...but then after I drove with her like that I realized how much more convenient it is. I still feel like she's growing up way too seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital in her little newborn car seat and now she's a bubbly little tot sitting in the backseat bobbing her head to the music.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A nap time trifle

I like to try and make a little something whenever Isabella is napping...whether it be edibles or crafty. Today when we were at the commissary I picked up my usual Glade candles...They make my house smell so yummy! I like to buy lots of these since they're so inexpensive and scatter them all around the house to burn when company comes or just for my own enjoyment after little hands are tucked safely away for the night. I'm always annoyed though, because they're not very pretty and they don't match my decor, so today I had a brainstorm and dug into my scrapbook paper. Problem solved!

Doing our little part...

Well, I had a busy day full of appointments, cleaning and grocery shopping. Then it was of course, our evening walk and the swings for Isabella!

I love these cloth bags I found at the commissary, I bought a whole bunch of them so that I never have to use plastic or paper bags anymore...It makes me feel good to know I'm doing something little to at least try and do my part. Isabella is pilfering...I think she was looking for her snacks!

The cause of all the bumps on Isabella and the source of my anxiety? ... a mosquito. A very, very hungry mosquito. I officially feel foolish.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scenes from my sofa

Ahh...bed time. I once heard a quote, I don't remember the "quoter" but it went something like this; "There never was a child so sweet, that it's mother wasn't happy to put them to bed."

After my sweetie is tucked away for the night, the baby gates come down, the coffee table turns into a coffee table again, the candles get lit and it's time for mommy to enjoy a book. Tonights reading material is Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl. So far it's been an amazing read. My latest fascination is anything to do with the Tudor if anybody has any recommendations feel free to pass them on!

Today was an off day...I'm not sure what was wrong with me, or with Isabella, but neither one of us were quite ourselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that despite all of her immunizations, Isabella might be coming down with the chicken pox. Every time she wakes up either in the morning, or from a nap, she has a few new bug-bite looking bumps, and lately she's been sleeping for hours on end and her little appetite has been iffy. So far though no fever. I counted today and she has about five bumps. We're going to the clinic tomorrow.

I finally started sewing on my sewing machine today!...and I made one of the most pathetic looking curtain panels you have ever seen. In fact, I was way too ashamed to even show it to you.

Like I off day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Month 5 without The Hubby and we're starting to get a little loopy...

I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. I'm a firm believer in stress crying. It really helps, but then after that, I get loopy and silly...hence the scary image above. At least Isabella looks normal...
What was supposed to be a quick little 4 month long surge deployment has turned into a 5 month ordeal. The ship weathered a few bad storms and underwent some major damage, leaving all of our boys stranded in one port and then another one. They were supposed to be home a while ago but the homecoming date came and went. Babies were born, birthdays were missed, and all our poor sailors could do was shed a few tears of exasperation and call home to hear their loved one's voices and their newborns first cries.. When they were finally sailing out of their current port on Saturday, Tyler called me with excitement in his voice "Hey love, we're sailing! I'm on my way home!" ... an hour later he called back distraught, the ship didn't make it out of the harbor, and they had to turn around again. I can't tell you where they are now, because I don't know, but I'm hoping and praying that it's on their way home to Pearl Harbor!

I want to thank everyone for all of the sweet comments on my previous entry. Aww shux guys!

I've been taking pictures here and there over the weekend, and now I finally have time to upload and post. Isabella has a new favorite game, chase! she love, love, LOVES for me to crawl around on my hands and knees and act like "I'm gonna get 'er!" she just gets those arms and legs to going so fast that she's nothing but a blur of chubby limbs and flaming hair...and she can turn a corner like a Porsche lemme tell ya. Her favorite is when I chase her around and around the big antique steamer trunk that I use as our coffee table...she'll peek around the corner to see if I'm close and then speed off amid a fit of squeals and giggles. Another thing she enjoys these days is talking on the phone...mostly just to daddy. She gets this special smile on her face, just for him. Can you see it?

( Note: please ignore the billboard sized forehead and stringy hair...I'm going to the salon this week to cure both problems.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Hero

Dear Isabella,
Two years ago your daddy told me he wanted to start thinking about having a baby. We were both very excited about our decision, so we started to plan for you in our future. Three and a half weeks later, your mommy couldn't sleep. And at 2:00 am I stared in disbelief at the blurry little pink lines that meant you were on your way!

9 months and some odd days later, I was waddling around and more than likely muttering oaths at the doctor that wouldn't induce my over due baby. He told me you would come when you were ready, that I just had to wait...but I was impatient to meet you! Your due date came and went, you were very happy inside my belly just kicking away. I arranged, and rearranged all the clothes in your little room, I washed your blankets with special soap and your daddy and I packed our suitcases for the hospital. One night, while your daddy was at school I was sitting in the living room all alone just working on a craft project and daydreaming about you, when all of the let me know you were on your way! I called to let your daddy know, and then I started to make sure everything in the house was perfect for when you came home. Your daddy went crazy. He forgot he had the car that night, and almost started to run home.

It took you all night to get here! but finally there you were. All 8lbs and 1 ounce of you. The nurse held you up and then put you in my arms and your little eyes were squeezed shut, you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Your daddy was so excited when he saw you that he ran out of the room to tell all of the family! I could hear him yelling down the hall about your beautiful red hair.

Sweet little baby, we held you every chance we got. I loved to breath in the scent of your little baby breath, and rub my cheek against your newborn head. Your daddy couldn't stand for you to sleep in your crib. He had to have you right beside him in the bed all night long. You were so tiny and perfect, I couldn't believe I was a mommy to such a beautiful little girl. It's been almost one year since that day! can you believe it? I remember it like it was just yesterday. I remember how shocked I was to find out how quickly your daddy and I got pregnant with you...but now, I realize that God had perfect timing.

Your daddy had to leave when you were still just a baby on a bottle...he didn't want to leave you, but it's his job, and he does it so that he can take care of us. He has to leave a lot, but he will always come back. What he does is very special, mommy is very proud of him, and someday, you will be too! He's been gone a long time in baby time, almost five months. While he's been away you have grown teeth! you're not on a bottle anymore, you can say words, you have learned to crawl, and now you can walk! You're much too busy for mommy to hold you and snuggle you anymore...but at night while you're sleeping, I go in and pick you up for a few minutes and I cuddle you and breath you in. I can't imagine how much your daddy must miss you. I show you his picture every day, and you smile and point to him and say "da-da!" I can't wait until it's time for him to come home again, you will be able to walk into his arms!

We had to move far, far away from all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and sometimes, with your daddy gone, I get really lonely. But every morning you greet me with a smile and outstretched arms, and every night you give me goodnight kisses. You leave your little trademarks all over the house, your toys, your little clothes in the laundry and your sticky handprints make me smile. You go to the mall with me and you go on long walks with me and all the while, you're chattering away your sweet baby talk and smiling and waving at anybody who looks in your direction.

My precious little Bella, you don't know this yet because you're still just a baby, but you have taken such good care of your mommy while your daddy has been gone. Without you, I would have been so lonely, but you have been the best little buddy a mommy could ever ask for. When I get blue and start feeling sorry for myself, you're always there to remind me that God sent me the most wonderful gift in the world, He sent me you!