Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Hero

Dear Isabella,
Two years ago your daddy told me he wanted to start thinking about having a baby. We were both very excited about our decision, so we started to plan for you in our future. Three and a half weeks later, your mommy couldn't sleep. And at 2:00 am I stared in disbelief at the blurry little pink lines that meant you were on your way!

9 months and some odd days later, I was waddling around and more than likely muttering oaths at the doctor that wouldn't induce my over due baby. He told me you would come when you were ready, that I just had to wait...but I was impatient to meet you! Your due date came and went, you were very happy inside my belly just kicking away. I arranged, and rearranged all the clothes in your little room, I washed your blankets with special soap and your daddy and I packed our suitcases for the hospital. One night, while your daddy was at school I was sitting in the living room all alone just working on a craft project and daydreaming about you, when all of the let me know you were on your way! I called to let your daddy know, and then I started to make sure everything in the house was perfect for when you came home. Your daddy went crazy. He forgot he had the car that night, and almost started to run home.

It took you all night to get here! but finally there you were. All 8lbs and 1 ounce of you. The nurse held you up and then put you in my arms and your little eyes were squeezed shut, you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Your daddy was so excited when he saw you that he ran out of the room to tell all of the family! I could hear him yelling down the hall about your beautiful red hair.

Sweet little baby, we held you every chance we got. I loved to breath in the scent of your little baby breath, and rub my cheek against your newborn head. Your daddy couldn't stand for you to sleep in your crib. He had to have you right beside him in the bed all night long. You were so tiny and perfect, I couldn't believe I was a mommy to such a beautiful little girl. It's been almost one year since that day! can you believe it? I remember it like it was just yesterday. I remember how shocked I was to find out how quickly your daddy and I got pregnant with you...but now, I realize that God had perfect timing.

Your daddy had to leave when you were still just a baby on a bottle...he didn't want to leave you, but it's his job, and he does it so that he can take care of us. He has to leave a lot, but he will always come back. What he does is very special, mommy is very proud of him, and someday, you will be too! He's been gone a long time in baby time, almost five months. While he's been away you have grown teeth! you're not on a bottle anymore, you can say words, you have learned to crawl, and now you can walk! You're much too busy for mommy to hold you and snuggle you anymore...but at night while you're sleeping, I go in and pick you up for a few minutes and I cuddle you and breath you in. I can't imagine how much your daddy must miss you. I show you his picture every day, and you smile and point to him and say "da-da!" I can't wait until it's time for him to come home again, you will be able to walk into his arms!

We had to move far, far away from all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and sometimes, with your daddy gone, I get really lonely. But every morning you greet me with a smile and outstretched arms, and every night you give me goodnight kisses. You leave your little trademarks all over the house, your toys, your little clothes in the laundry and your sticky handprints make me smile. You go to the mall with me and you go on long walks with me and all the while, you're chattering away your sweet baby talk and smiling and waving at anybody who looks in your direction.

My precious little Bella, you don't know this yet because you're still just a baby, but you have taken such good care of your mommy while your daddy has been gone. Without you, I would have been so lonely, but you have been the best little buddy a mommy could ever ask for. When I get blue and start feeling sorry for myself, you're always there to remind me that God sent me the most wonderful gift in the world, He sent me you!


Anonymous said...

I feel so sappy for saying this but, that was beautiful, almost brought tears to my eyes. :)

I am excited for you, and I am sending Isabella some birthday delights. I hope she likes what ever I send and hopefully she does not own them already because you spoil her so bad ;) hehe
Anyway when is Tyler coming in? His date just keeps moving huh?
Codys does too. He might be leaving tomorrow or Tuesday or even 2 weeks from now. Navy playing titley winks with my heart. Goodness. Anyway I need to get some sleep. talk to you later when my phone is working.

your fellow navy wife,

*G* said...

Well, I just really wish I had read that before I put my 'church' makeup on. It's all running down my face! Beautiful!

A glance at my world said...

That's so sweet! I'm totally crying now :)

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that you came into Tyler's life and that you are just absolutely wonderful. Could not have picked a better mommy for my sweet baby great-granddaughter.
Birthday greetings are in the process. Right now I am wiping away my tears. Love, MamaJo

Anonymous said...

thats shweet =)

Lovie said...

Oh that was good. You need to print it out and put it in her baby book. She will enjoy reading it someday.

beadntat said...

Okay, when I had *two* grandmothers (Lovie & MamaJo) telling me I *had* to read your latest blog post I knew something was up besides cute baby pictures. They did not warn me it was a three hanky message! I'm saving a copy of this one for the family know, the one I'm gathering stuff for but haven't assembled yet? Yeah, that one ;-)

I'll add my gushing to Mom's...I'm thrilled that Tyler two wonderful women into our family. I love you all so much! Give Isabella a bunch of birthday kisses for me will ya? (ps. June *is* the best month to have a birthday in..I've always thought so wink, wink

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's good girl:-) one proud daddy to another...when Tyler reads this, he'll be swimming the pacific to get back to his girls....


dawnkristine said...

That was just about one of the dearest things I have ever read. I cannot help to notice in your writing, how mature you are. Your little sweetheart is surely a blessing in this time.