Friday, June 20, 2008

Isabella's armpit hair?!?! I was upstairs running Isabella's bath, and Tyler was downstairs feeding her her bed time snack...when all of the sudden I heard my husband's uncontrollable guffaws of laughter coming from below...I raced downstairs before I missed whatever show she was putting on, and there was a shirtless Isabella in her highchair, relaxed, arms behind her head, just chillin' and taking it easy....and my husband, nearly falling out of his chair in hysterics. Apparently, the navy blue sailor shirt she had been wearing all day had left little lent deposits in her baby pits...they were covered in dark fuzz. She knew that whatever she was doing was funny so she sat there like this long enough for me to take pictures and then eventually started giggling herself.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you need to shave under her rams. the soda water trick helps. thanks:)