Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happiness is a color.

Perhaps more than any one non-Isabella/Hubby thing in the world, I would say I love color the most. Yes, most definitely color. I cannot imagine my life without a palette of vivid and wild colors.

I like to tell myself that I was destined in some way to eventually end up here in Hawaii, this being one of the few places where you're treated (almost daily) to God's magnificent gift of the rainbow. I just never grow tired of those things...some are more magnificent than others...and a few are double, maybe even triple rainbows! My eyes just gobble it all up like a big ole greedy ogre. This beaut. greeted me when I walked out of my door Sunday evening.

There are so many glorious colors swirling around in my world right now...most of them are happy, very few are not. I feel nervous, the pessimist I am, I'm so full of contentment and happiness that my soul is almost tentative to allow myself any enjoyment...I keep asking myself,

"Is it okay to be this happy? Does this mean something bad is going to happen soon? Should I be worried?"

It's very unhealthy to think like that I'm told. So I've been on a personal mission to stop this negative, unhealthy behavior and instead just allow myself to wallow in the joy of my many, many blessings.

Oh, I'm wallowin' alright. You betcha.

I have so much to wallow in.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Time, the tricky little sucker.

How did an entire two months pass me by so quickly?!?! Lordy, it's been so long I hardly know where to start...did ya give up on me? I did.

I did indeed receive my new laptop and we made love. Isabella? Well, I don't really know what's going on with her in this picture, but I apparently have morning face and Isabella looks a little forlorn ...and it appears she has chocolate milk spilled down her shirt. Just peg me Mommy of The Year.

Hubby came home from deployment! I have no pictures of homecoming because I fail as a Navy wife...actually, that's a funny story, really. I'll have to tell you that one later.

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach-of course.

Love those two...

Hubby lost a lot of weight on deployment...I've been busy cookin' him up some good ole country food...put some meat on them bones.

Isabella got a modeling contract at Vogue.

Just kidding, but this really cracked me up.

Got out my fall decor....more on that later.

Isabella grew boobies!!!

Er, sorry. Really mature mom, who's the two year old here?

We went out on a boat.

Hey, you stole my seat, ornery sailor.

The view? Oh man, the was spectacular...

Absolutely spectacular...right down to the grimace on hubby's face.

I love my little Cheeto-faced vampire girl.