Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dorks have all the fun.

Side Wedgie.
Sand-covered bum.
Half a hair-do.

Like mother, like daughter.

(I won't even risk the detriment of your vision by showing you my dorky beach self. Just trust me on this one...while sand-covered side-wedgies are charming on toddlers....definitely not so cute on the momma.)

Birthday pictures, and updates coming soon...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Kitchen

I have been bus, busy, busy getting my house all ready parent's visit!!! That's right, that's my big news, (told ya, exciting for me...not so much for anyone else, except my parents, that is) To put this into more perspective for you....I haven't had the pleasure of playing hostess for my parents in over two years! And the fact that they are coming all the way to Hawaii is huge, because due to the fact that my mom suffers from chronic and severe claustrophobia she has NEVER flown in an airplane....she is in her fifties (sorry mom for throwing your age out there hee-hee!) My mom has always been one to go for the big small trainer flight for her, no siree! She's starting off with the bug guns. A nice, long 15 hour ordeal to baptize her into the world of air travel.

Say a little prayer for her...and my dad. Not sure who will need them more ;-)


I'm back!

When I first moved to Hawaii, I never thought this ole Southern girl would notice the changing "seasons" of a tropical island...but after living here for two years I can definitely detect the difference! With the perpetually rainy winter season behind us, the Hawaii sun is bearing down full throttle...and we're loving it.

Isabella and I have been lolling about, going back and forth between pool and sunshine...soaking it up. If we're not going to the beach, we spend our afternoons in the back yard splashing about in her pool or running through the sprinklers. We always top things off with a popsicle and then we sleep. I noticed today that I have developed a fresh batch of freckles dusting every part of my body that has been exposed to the sun...I'm kind of digging this look.

I love these pictures. Isn't this what summer is all about? Playing in the yard in your bathing suit, popsicle stains on your mouth, and mosquito bites in every nook and, I love summer.

I have some exciting news to share with you...well, exciting for me at least...