Thursday, May 29, 2008

On nasty looking cookies, impromptu crafting, and childproofing.

Since The Hubby has been gone, my evenings consist of cleaning up Isabella's aftermath, scarfing down some dinner, showering and then collapsing in exhaustion. So needless to say, my crafting urge has been put on the back burner for more important urges...such as eating and sleeping. But tonight when I was supposed to be doing the pile of laundry that has been looming over me ( my laundry room doubles as my craft room ) I found myself getting distracted by an old shadow box I bought almost a year ago, and a bauble my friend from Japan sent me. Before I knew it an hour had passed. My laundry was still smelly and dirty, but I had a nice pink trifle to hang in some empty corner, this picture doesn't do it justice, but my camera needs to be charged and I had to take what I could get. Notice the Military Housing White walls in the background? ICK! I can't wait for Tyler to get home so he can help me paint!

Below you will see Isabella's new Jeep. I have been longing for a jogging stroller ever since my six weeks of recovery after she was born, and now, thanks to a Memorial day sale at K-Mart I have a beautiful specimen. Now I can be one of those mommies I have been rather covetous of, jogging through the neighborhood with my baby's hair blowing in the wind...Ok, so after 5 minutes my kneecaps felt like they were going to explode and I wanted to double over on the side walk...I'll get there! turns out, a jogging stroller also works great when you're walking too :)

Also note the nastiest looking batch of chocolate chip cookies you will possibly ever see. Now while I pride myself on my cupcake-baking ability, and my peanut butter cookies have the power to bring my husband to his knees...the all American staple of chocolate chip cookies has been the bane of my existence since my baking days began. MamaJo's "chemically the same" comes into play here. I'm still eating them, and they still taste alright, as long as I don't look at them.

Childproofing. Every room. Every drawer.

Do you like my door knob covers? My friend from Japan sent them to me! It was love at first sight. They are so cute and they appeal to my pink fetish. Also, they make it difficult to open a door and they are near impossible for little hands to rip off the knobs.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new stroller. :)
I knew you would see potential in that necklace.
And you have made child proofing attractive. :) I will send you more door knob covers if I see them.
So how are things?


*G* said...

Love your crafty picture. Did you realize that silhouettes are all the rage right now, or was that your own idea?

Love those door knob covers. How cute!! Did they rally come with the cherrys on them? How "fitting" - pun intended. :)

As for the cookies - did you use butter, margarine, shortening? Which one? There's one I think it's "spread" but it comes in a stick and if you use it, the cookies will literally "spread". :0

Aunt *G*

MaryCatherine said...

Hey gaye-gaye,
I used butter...I always try to use the real thing when I bake...I don't know what I do wrong. My choc. chip cookies do this every time, it never fails. As for the silhouette, I had no idea! cool :)

Mps830 said...

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