Friday, May 9, 2008

A playdate!

I met another young mom at my bible study on Wednesday, as it turns out, we live right across the street from each other! so we decided to plan a play date. We took a walk and then stopped off at a little playground near our house. She taught me how to put two babies in the swing at a time! I had no idea. Her little boy is 6 months old and is as sweet and good natured as can be. Isabella was completely besotted by him and couldn't quit resting her head on his back and patting his face. At one point she was giving him kisses until he pushed her away. He took her overwhelming personality in stride, smiling and giggling the whole time. While the kiddies were swinging, his mom and I sat and chatted about mommy things, it was a great evening!

My weekly mortification? I was sweaty from the park and very dirty, having just decided that the garbage needed taking out, the floors needed mopping and that Isabella and I should share some chocolate pudding. My doorbell rang. Expecting it to be one of my girlfriends dropping by for a visit I opened it wide and with the baby on my hip and chocolate pudding smeared on my clothes and in my sweaty hair I stared into the rather shocked eyes of a beautiful and classy looking blond lady. Oh dear! it was one of the Pastor's wives from my church! she had brought me cookies and was dropping by to tell me how happy they were that I had chosen their church as my family! I was touched by the gesture...but slightly embarrassed. After the door closed behind her Isabella looked at me, and with her pudding stained clothes and pudding encrusted hair, she gave me a big smile and then giggled trowing her hands up in the air as if to say "What can ya do mom?"

I ate every single one of those cookies, that's what I did.

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Lovie said...

You are absolutely hysterical! You discribe moma life so perfectly.