Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Lauren!

One of the girls out of my bible study group had a birthday today! So a few of us got ourselves all gussied up and went to downtown Waikiki to a beautiful Chinese restaraunt. You can't tell in the picture, but it was all over the ocean. Cruise ships were pulling into port and the sun was setting in the was beautiful! The food was amazing, and we each ordered something different then shared. As it turns out Lauren is very fluent in both Mandarin and Chinese, she carried on conversations with our waiter, I was so impressed! it was a lot of fun to hear her speaking in their language. Lauren, the birthday girl, is the one sitting to the right of me.

We all felt so fancy and grown up without our children with us, we had high heels on and I carried an actual purse! I felt very ritzy when I got to valet park my car :) it was absolutely amazing to sit and eat a meal and actually get to taste it.

I left Isabella with a babysitter for the first time tonight! I met this girl in my bible study. Her dad's in the Army and she's lived here with her family for most of her life and attends college on the Island. She is so sweet and patient and gentle, I really like her. I feel like I hit the lottery to find such an awesome babysitter, I'm definitely keeping her number! Isabella did really well until the end when she woke up and realized I was still gone, I ate my cake in one bite and then gunned my engine home to my angry little darling...she tearfully held her arms out for me and nestled her head into my shoulder, rubbing snot all into my nice black top, then fell right back to sleep :)...It was so much fun to go out with the girls...but oh so much better to come home and be needed.

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