Sunday, May 4, 2008


Last night when I was at a cook-out at my friends house Isabella showed me her new trick that I had no idea she had learned! We were all sitting in the living room when Isabella, who was crawling around getting into anything and everything, picked up my friend's TV remote control and held it up to her ear like a telephone, she smiled really big and goes "Hi!" with that sweet little baby voice and a southeren drawl ( don't know where she gets that from :-P ) I just about kissed her to death! I'm trying very hard to get a picture of her while she's on the phone with Tyler but so far that's proven to be quite a task!

The last couple of days have been blissfully hectic. I'm marking off the days on my Calender until homecoming which is drawing nearer and nearer! Tyler is currently in Alaska and I can just feel this deployment coming to an end! I think Isabella can too, she's been unusually fractious these days but gets as still and quite as a mouse when Tyler is talking to her on the phone.

Ever since Tyler left in January I've been trying to paint the bedroom...but currently it is still Military Housing White ugh! is the most horrendous color, or rather, absence of color. I did however tape the walls today and I vow to paint tomorrow evening no matter how beautiful the weather is or how much the beach beckons me. I finally decided on a color for my kitchen, it's by Valspar and it is called Minnow's Eye it is a beautiful light blue green and it will look awesome with my pink and white theme, I got the paint color out of this month's Issue of Better Homes and Gardens. As for my living room, I have vaulted ceilings and will have to rent extra tall ladders... so that waits for the ol hubby, but I have chosen Martha Stewart's butter yellow which will coordinate perfectly with the kitchen. I'm so excited to finally be nesting into a house that I will be in for longer than 6 months!!! this is very huge for me, since Tyler and I got married almost 3 years ago we have not been in a home for longer than 8 months.

Mother's Day is next week!!! so what shall I give my mother? ironically enough that was the name of my most favorite children's book growing up, it was about a little gray kitten that wanted to give his mommy a present but didn't know what to give, so he ended up just giving her love :) I have something very very special in mind for my mom this year! I'm so excited! the idea came to me this evening when Isabella and I were on our walk. I really have the most wonderful parents in the world They do so much for me and they have successfully created the most amazing sense of family and home and set the standard for how I want to raise my own family. Nothing short of the best will do for either one of them.

As for MY Mother's day? well, I don't want to be smug or anything....but my hubby ordered me a shiny new sewing machine!!!!!!!!! it will be delivered right to my door by next week!!!!!!!!! I'm positively twitching with excitement. I didn't even have to hint! he did it all on his little own.

I feel so full of blessings tonight that I just might pop! What a wonderful way to end a day :)


Lovie said...

Now aren't you just the sweetest thang! I can't believe you are getting a sewing machine! You didn't tell me. What kind?
p.s. we love you too.

*G* said...

A new sewing machine! That's great! Do you have your first project in mind? We will all want to hear what it is.

Your Mom & Dad are pretty special! Of course, your Mom can be a real *kook* at times, but she's a very wise and clever kook. (A big sis can get away with calling her sister a *kook*.)

Hope you get the "phone photo" captured soon. And hope you share it with the rest of us.

Aunt *G*

A glance at my world said...

A brand new sewing machine! That's awesome! :) I hope you have an awesome mother's day. Oh, and your paint colors sound really pretty.

Lovie said...

Boy oh boy, do I remember reading that over and over and over. Guess what? Given the chance to go back in time, I would read it again and again.

Me wise? nope

Me a kook? absolutely!

Kaelee said...

Your paint colors sound awesome...I love painting our house! A sewing machine how great! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift....

beadntat said... was meant to be that we are "soul sisters" We love all the same colors! Butter yellow, muted aquas & teals, blushy pinks, and white has to be white! I'm so thrilled for you to get to decorate your little house. do you get Martha Stewart Living magazine??? I was a charter subscriber and can't live without it. I'm also stoked that your sweetie is getting you a sewing machine. You, of all the people I know, simply *must* have a sewing machine. Just think of all the home dec and little girl things you can create. When I was getting ready to move away from home for the 1st time my very 1st purchase was a Singer sewing machine. I can't imagine not having a sewing machine. I guess we'uns Plaas women done trained that boy right...the wife must have a sewing machine! I can't wait to see what you make first :-) {{{{hugs and kisses}}}