Monday, November 16, 2009

Cousin of the canine sort

Meet my little brother, Jasper. He is my mother's baby.

Isabella and Jasper go way back.

Like the time he chewed the tips off of all her bottle nipples? Good times, good times...or the time he ate her pacifiers...not such good times. Jasper is also inclined to enjoy a poopy diaper or two if they are left within snouting distance.


These two have a great partnership...Isabella follows him around because he's furry and he allows her to do all manner of things to him.

For example, last night he was a great sport when she painted his entire coat with pink glitter, pulled on his jowels and gave him a noogie.

Jasper follows Isabella around because inevitably, she will be dropping edibles of some sort.

Please, can I keep her? I promise I'll take real good care of her....

I can't figure out who considers who the pet...but I know one thing...

It's love.

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