Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to score a Christmas tree in Hawaii

First things first, ya gotta find yourself the nearest building with one of these signs hanging on it.

Then, you take your handsome husband and delectable daughter and you proceed to browse the firs....

You browse...and you browse...

And you browse some more...and then you discuss your browsing...

When you finally find just the right one...you send hubby to inspect the boughs for ultimate ornamenting perfection. Then it's off to the trunk trimmer for ole Firby!

Oh, but be sure to stop up your ears when they trim the trunk...those saws are loud!

And finally, you watch while handsome hubby struggles to tie tree to top of car...and voila! Ya got yourself a Christmas tree. In Hawaii.


beadntat said...

It's good to hear that you found a tree you like. According to the national news last night Christmas trees were in short supply in HI this year and selling for premium (highway robbery) prices if you could find them. Yours looks nothing like the pithy things they showed on tv though.

Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas!

Shine said...

Happy to see you got a nice tree! Bet you can close your eyes and dream your in Tennessee.....but then....why would you do that?.....You're in Hawaii!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!