Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stepping stones of comfort food.

In times of deep sorrow...I find immense peace in home made chocolate sauce. Never underestimate it's powers. It's like the nicotine patch for your soul, it doesn't cure anything...but it sure helps carry you through those hard times.

Whenever I'm stirring up a pan of chocolate sauce, I think about my mom. Standing at the old beige colored stove in our house, she would be stirring up a pan of chocolate sauce, usually at about 11:00 o'clock at night...then when it was done, we would pour it onto plates and eat it with our fingers.

Today was a bad day. In fact, it was a really bad day. Better yet, make that a monumental of horrid days. The kind of day that deserve their own little plaque that says: "Hey congratulations, ya big made it through this, buck up, go to bed and get ready for tomorrow."

My life is about ready to take an entirely different turn, a scary, unfamiliar turn. A turn that makes me want to ruffle up my hair, rock back and forth, fiddle with my hands and mutter incoherently. This will reflect in my blog soon enough. But I'm not ready for all of that I'm going to show you pictures of cake instead.

It all starts here. The firm foundation known as angel food cake.

But we all know this is where it's at...the special sauce. Who knew butter, sugar, cocoa and vanilla could yield such beauty.

I like to overdue things. It's who I am...ALWAYS add clear vanilla extract to your home made whipped cream. The angels in your angel food cake will sing your praises.

Oh yeah baby...

Oh man...get in my belly. Half of it got in my belly...the other half had to wait...Isabella announced she needed to poo-poo and I had better HURRY or it was going to "get out"

Chocolate sauce after a toddler poop? Still tastes amazing.


G. B. Miller said...

Oh Mary! It looks scrumptious!! I know it fed your sorrows and woes and distress and cravings wonderfully. Is there any left? :D

Shine said...

Yummmmoooo!!!!! Please bring some of that to Tennessee :-)