Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squishy men are the best men.

Well, Jet lag has waned and schedules are being re-established...things are starting to feel a little more normal. I miss Hawaii just a bit more than I thought I would...but a new squishy baby nephew to snuggle has definitely been an acceptable elixir for that malady. See that handsome studmuffin up there? He's my new man...too bad he's a total momma's boy...he cried after this picture...hey, I'm working my way in people...

Uhm...please try to overlook my brown roots showing through...been a little busy...Ms. Clairole and I definitely need to reconnect.

Isabella and I are happily nestled into my parents big ole house way out in the boonies...a huge contrast to our little suburb life we've lived the past 5 years. Being back at my parent's is more than a little surreal for me...the last time I lived here was when I was 18...right before I unfolded my still-wet wings and headed to the courthouse to sign myself away to a boy I barely knew. Yikes. Lets not go there...not until I've had at least two years of therapy...wait, make it three.

Monday I will go forth into the fray and begin my quest for a job...oh my. A job...pardon me while I rock back and forth and wring my hands a bit...I'll be leaving my little wienerschnitzel during the day to be a workin' woman...I cain't take it! I've stayed at home with her since she was just a little squirmy pink wad...I can't handle the thought of not being a stay at home momma...but she will be in Lovie's capable hands, so I've nothing to fear. Change is always scary, but I tell myself if I just take it one step at a time, things will start to feel less scary and more acceptable.

Bitterness? Oh yeah...I got some of that. Anger? How much do ya want...I've got a stockpile...Disappointment? Let me just go check my inventory, 'cause I believe that department is full to bursting. But such is life, my friends! I got my red-headed stinker-pants...and that's all that really matters.

And now, with my new-found sense of freedom, I will proceed to say how I really feel about things. Oh boy, this blogging thing? It's gonna be So. Much. More. Fun.


Brittany said...

Girl, you are to funny! I miss you and little Bella already ;(

I wish you the best on your job search :)

G. B. Miller said...

Good luck on the job front. Girl, you've got 'nuff attitude and bad-i-tude to come through "this" just fine and dandy. Besides there's always those oh so wise words from your momma and daddy's shoulder, right? :) Love ya!

Oh yeah...and I am lovin' this blog post. Keep em comin', Red! (with the brown roots - that I can't even see.)??

Anonymous said...

oh boy can't wait to keep reading!! You are gonna be just fine!

Anonymous said...

oopsies forgot to leave my name B

Cadovius said...

I'm so sorry this has happened. I had no idea you'd left HI especially under these circumstances. I'm praying for you, Hun. And I LOVE reading your're so genuine and real and honest....the world could use more women like you. Your daughter is blessed to have you!