Monday, October 8, 2007

my artsy fartsy friend

I'm so sad that one of my dearest friends Kelsey has been stationed in Japan with her husband. She was the first friend I made here in Virginia and she's the cutest little brunette you ever saw. Like me, she enjoys painting, decorating and pretty much anything else that involves creativity. She and I used to scope out the town for junk stores and thrift shops together. Sometimes, when we were feeling particularly shameless, We would dumpster dive the night before trash pick-up day. When people move, they throw away furniture with GREAT potential! We would bring our loot home, sand it, paint it and make it look like new. (No one goes through Antique White paint like we do.) Oh, what fun we had! Before she left for Japan she gave me a completely original acrylic painting. It is the best birthday present ever! I have it hanging in my pink kitchen where it matches perfectly, I get comments on it all the time. I think she should sell them. The picture I have taken doesn't do it justice, but you can still see how talented she is. I love this painting so much, my favorite part about it is my cat Sonnie sitting on the window sill!

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Lovie said...

Great post! I wonder if Hawaii has junk stores?