Sunday, October 7, 2007

My shiny new blog!

Well, after numerous phone calls for help to my mom, I finally have a blog! I'm so excited to have my own little personal space and since I'm about to embark on an unanticipated 5 year Island adventure (thanks to the Navy) I figured this would be just the ticket to keep all my not-so-nearest but very dearest afloat of what's going on my life. Here's to my first post!


Lovie said...

Oh how nice! I will read it everyday but it won't be nearly as nice as having the real thing nearby.

G. said...

Hey to *one* of my fave nieces!! I can already tell that this blog is going to be a fun place to visit. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about your Naval adventures. Might as well look at them that way. Our 2 years in Saudi Arabia were a great adventure and I wouldn't trade them for anything. However, your mom now knows for sure how your Nanna felt when we headed overseas - Bless Her Heart!!