Wednesday, February 25, 2009

almost arrested...

My hubby made a blog...he left for his six month deployment at about 4:45 this morning...I was delighted to receive his e-mail this evening about his shiny new blog he has created. If you've got a moment for a little ol' sailor, give him a clickety...right here

In other news...Our Target here in Hawaii opens in less than a WEEK!!!! finally!!! Three of my girly-friends, Isabella and myself all piled into my SAAB wagon this evening and off we went to the Wal-Mart to stock up on house wares clothes...bath fizzies and other necessities you need when your hubby leaves (three of us have husbands on the same ship so we go through deployments together)

We decided on the way home to take a detuor and document the progress of the new Target opening up right down the street from our neighborhood. We were slowly cruising past the front of the store, noses pressed up against our car windows and necks craned...trying to find holes in that pesky privacy paper they had pinned up to see if they had stocked those shelves yet, when we got a glimpse of...polka dotted bathing suits!! we began squealing with excitement and I'm sure my car was bouncing from the outside...when just then, out marched a very angry police officer...oops! Someone from the backseat quipped that she had heard it was being patroled by police and there was supposedly no tresspassing...that information would have been very useful...oh, I dunno, before I pulled into the parking lot?!? ...It was then I happened to notice the sign saying something about tresspassing...violaters...prosecuted...My friend in the front seat started mugging it up and waving like a mad woman...he made a bee-line for her window...Isabella was in the back seat loudly saying "Hi! Hey there! Hi!" and my other two girl friends in the beackseat were squealing and bouncing in their panick... Mr. Policeman and I locked eyes...I froze in my panick and then...raw instinct kicked in...I quickly put my little turbo charged mommy wagon in first gear and gunned her right outta that parking lot...In my rear-view mirrow was a puff of stinky turbo engine smoke, and a considerably miffed cop. Whew.

Lord knows, four lonely, Target deprived women (one of them I might add, is extremely pregnant) and an overly friendly toddler could pose quite a threat to an un-opened Target :) Goodness...what a bunch of mugshots we would have made! Thank goodness for turbo-charged mommy cars.

If you're ever on the market for a fast get-away car disguised as an innocent mommy-mobile...these are your wheels. (doesn't come stocked with adorable husband packing beach gear into the trunk...sorry, he's all mine)


Bee and Rose said...

That is hilarious! What we won't do for a Target store! I have 9 within 30 minutes of me! Whew!

Checked out the sailor's bloggy! That is really wonderful! I'm sure he'll be happy to know you weren't arrested!

The Blonde Duck said...

That cop needed to calm down. He can't blame you for checking out the new prospects! They should be happy people are curious!

Blue Castle said...

Oh you are dangerous! How funny! I take my Target for granted, I guess. I would be lost without it, though. :)

Angela said...

hehe...that is funny! girl, i couldn't survive without a can totally relate to drooling over it ;p

Melissa said...

OMG...That was hilarious!! And I don't think I could live without Target anywhere around. That's usually the first thing I look for when traveling.

Do you have your shopping list ready for when the store does open?