Monday, February 9, 2009

I've got it bad!!!

Bloggers block, that is. Hubby is currently on his way to pick us up a tasty pizza because it seems I also have chefs block...and laundress block...and cleaning-lady block...Oh jeez :) Do ya'll ever have one of these days??

Isabella and I stayed tucked away in the house today...enjoying the smell of our new candles and watching The Little Mermaid...we ate brownies and chilled out in our sweats...I did manage to wash all of the sheets today...and I made a considerable dent in the Mt. St. Laundry that has developed in our bedroom...all of this tuckered me out though, and all I want to do now is go finish off that pan of brownies and then hibernate. I need some gumption! anybody know where I can find any??


Bee and Rose said...

I have been having a month like that! (uh...that's weird...I only started blogging a month ago...hmmm...)

My house looks like a toy bomb exploded and set off a laundry bomb in the process. Brownies would have been perfect! Now I am going to make them for tomorrow!

If I knew where there was some gumption, I'd send ya some!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Nope, I've lost my too, my friend. Let me know if you find some to share!