Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today I am absolutely filled with it...for no particular reason except that Heavenly Father has blessed me and life is good.

Before I smother you in photos and wax poetic about how wonderful toddlers with popsicles are...Sweet Tamerie over at ALittleofThisThatandtheOther Was kind enough to award me with this! Definitely give her sweet page a visit. Thankyou Tamerie, you're such a peach! :)

Below is Isabella's favorite playmate...together they enjoy making up silly songs and running amuck. I took them out on the front porch for popsicles this afternoon and kicked back in my lawn chair to enjoy one I was watching those two rejoicing over their popsicles I couldn't help but feel my soul begin to smile.

All of this week's stress and anxiety just sort of melted away, like the treats in their sticky little hands.

My sweet little Bella trusts me to take care of her, she knows without a doubt that every morning she will be dressed, fed, and changed. For her, it's just a part of everyday life...and in an ah-ha moment I realized that my Heavenly Father will always do the same for me if I put my trust in Him. I prayed silently while I watched them and peace engulfed me like a warm blanket. I began to giggle and smile with them and grabbed my camera to capture the moments of their sweet excitement. Seeing their smiles and listening to their gleeful squeals of just thrilled me...toddler happiness is such a genuine and uninhibited thing, much too sweet to let pass you by.

How sweet life can be when you just give your problems to Him! I'm filled with joy...absolutely immersed by it. I took the time to soak up what I had been missing all around me while I was so deeply preoccupied by my funkish week...While walking through the neighborhood the sprinklers kicked on, I saw the immediate longing flash in Isabella's eyes...Oh, why not? We charged them alright! We went running through those sprinklers, giggling, flailing our arms and making spectacles of ourselves, the neighbors now think I'm a complete screwball, but I don't care because one mommy saw us having such a blast that she let her little girl out and they joined us...and I made an amazing new friend! I guess the point of my ramblings are, trust in Him...leave your worries and cares to Him, and He will bless you. (Is this too preachy? I'm sorry...I just had to share's the best thing that has happened to me all week)

And now, after much lamenting, I have come to the conclusion that I am a sporadic blogger at best, no matter how hard I try to be otherwise. I'm just going to have to accept me for who me, thanks for staying with me :)


The French Bear said...

I just love your pictures of Isabella! Yes we need to love and leave our worries to God more!! He will take care of us!!
Margaret B

Shine said...

I love your blog more than any other! Sporadic is good on occasion! I like that you have such a variety..never the same. And the pictures of the cutest toddler ever doesn't hurt!

The Purse Pantry said...

HEY! Thanks for the sweet comment. I am LOVING the new fabrics Adam helped me pick out! Hope you're having a great day. Your blog is awesome!

Angela said...

love the pics- especially with the popsicle stained mouth! ;p toddlers happiness and squeals of delight truly are the best sounds ever! glad you were able to enjoy the moments :) and I couldn't help but chuckle at the sprinkler fun!