Monday, July 27, 2009


The other day I needed to clean house, so I sat Isabella down at the kitchen table with some "squishy" Translated: PlayDough

She was very busy, chattering away to herself while she worked. I kept hearing her say something about "eyeballs" ....So I had to ask.

"Whatcha makin' over there, Bella?"

"I makin' eyeballs, momma!"

Can I see 'em?"

"Sure! No problem you like it momma?"

I LOVE it! Thank you, I'm going to keep it forever."

"Oh! Okay! I make more eyeballs for you!"

I love, love, love.


Tamerie Shriver said...

Don't you just love the imaginations that children have and do not hesitate to use? Priceless!

I left you an award on my latest post!

Mer said...

lol her responses are always priceless.
For example: "OMG,Sass Sass! I'm so excited! We're in a rocket ship!"

Jill said...

I do believe my daughter would have eaten the playdoh the minute I turned my back.. lol