Thursday, November 22, 2007

We've been married two years now and since our anniversary happened to be during the hectic move from Virginia to Hawaii, we really didn't get to celebrate much. I did however score a beautiful sapphire ring and a hot date! We were on leave in Tennessee visiting family for about three and a half weeks so during that time Lovie and Grandaddy watched the Bella for us and we got to go out on our first non-baby date! We decided that since we were about to move so far away that we should try to catch one last Tennessee game, and thanks to Tyler's sweet uncle Chad, we did just that! I'm not much for football myself, but I have to admit, I LOVE going to Tennessee games. And of course Tyler has a blast if it involves any type of club, bat or ball.

This game was a real nail biter, It was so exciting! we barely won by a few points at the very end. My favorite part though was half time when the marching band comes out and makes all these neat designs on the field, I tried to take a picture of them making a big UT but it's hard to see from the sidelines.

It was so much fun going out together. I think after you have a child, you really start to appreciate any time you get to spend alone together, even if it's just a few minutes. And while we had the time of our lives, the best part of the evening for both of us, by far, was coming back to mom and dad's and seeing Isabella kick her feet and grin her toothless grin in her delight to see us :)

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Lovie said...

Great post, good writing!
I want to hear about celebrating a Hawaian Thanksgiving and see a pic of your Xmas tree.