Friday, September 3, 2010

The Gap betrayed me...a shoe saga

My second day back at college. I'm in the library battling with the printer trying to print off some required something or other, I had already had trouble with my printer card, and was in a hurry to get to my next class. I quickly get up and there is an audible rip followed by a snap. Suddenly my shoe goes floppy, dangling off of my foot in the most peculiar manner.

Ipods were paused all around. One guy took out one ear bud to raise an eyebrow in my direction...the girl beside me busted out laughing.

I looked down, perplexed not sure what to I keep walking with the flipped flop? Play it off nonchalant? That's it! Maybe no one will notice! I took a step...that option was obviously out of the question, the flop stayed put right behind me on the floor. That's when I looked back up, I could literally hear them thinking,

what is this strange redhead going to do now? I'm so glad that isn't me...OH CRAP don't make eye contact with her you fool! She might ask for help...I'm so glad that isn't me...

By this time my neighbor had recovered and she pointed one finger downstairs, she mouthed two words "Office. Tape." I quickly tossed the footwear nemesis Into my book bag, and headed for the office. Inevitably classes had just let out, the halls were packed. The office never seemed so far away. Here I was, dressed to the T with a silk flower in my hair, cute fingernails to match Fashion statement? I could only hope.

I tried really hard to put off a hippie vibe.

I explained my plight to the young student aid working the office, she took a moment to stare at me blankly and then silently pushed a roll of black electrical tape in my direction. I was giggling like a mad women by this time and set to the task of taping the shoe TO my foot...that seemed like the best option. It got me across campus to my last class...and then it pooped out under my desk...Of course I made sure to be disruptive and show my desk buddy, who is a very big dude, named Sebastian. Sebastian wasn't quite sure what to think...he smiled politely and goes "Oh." So eloquent, that Sebastian.

He and I are going to be pals, I just know it.


G. B. Miller said...

I know it wasn't funny at the time, but the "telling of it" sure gave me a laugh.

Deborah said...

It sounds like you handled it so cutely...
Love this post!!
Have a great weekend...

Deborah xo