Sunday, September 5, 2010


is the cure for a broken heart.

Chooses her own shoes and socks, and puts them on all by herself.

is a silly ham.

has my freckles...sorry, kid.

has my mega-flexi-lips...sorry, kid.

is a lady...sometimes. A wise woman once told me, as long as you behave in public..."closed doors is closed doors." Thanks for the wisdom, mom-I mean...what?

is a daydreamer.

is a perpetual stinker who never ceases to amaze me with her stealth counteracted with a cherubic expression. I am so proud. You have learned well my child, you have learned well. Now, go forth and take on the universe as I have taught you.


Brittany said...

What a cutie! We miss her :)

Anonymous said... a chip off the old block.

devin said...

she is such a beautiful girl! i m so glad that we got the opportunity to spend some time with her and gte to know her a little bit!

Shine said... an angel...and are very blessed indeed:)

G. B. Miller said...

You are both pretty darn awesome.

Kristal said...

Love this! She is too cute!!

Deborah said...

What a little doll! She is so precious!
Love these fun photographs of her!!!
You are blessed beyond measure my friend :)

Deborah xo