Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bella in a Bumbo

Have you ever heard of these Bumbo seats? they are great! Isabella loves to sit in her Bumbo seat and watch Baby Einsteins...they are also wonderful for those days when you just need five minutes to sit on the couch and eat your lunch...they're soft and safe for baby and they help her to sit up on her own but keep her from falling over, it also comforts Isabella when she's upset, I think it has something to do with having her own little seat and her own little place. I would totally recommend that every mom get one of these.


Lovie said...

Oh my sweet little red-haired Bumbo Baby! I got the fabric today for the shopping carts seats.

G. said...

What a doll!! And what a great idea! Cara (remember, my niece on the Miller side)is having a little girl in February. I'll be sure she knows about this great invention. Aunt G