Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Naptime rebellion

I wonder if she thought she could outsmart me by peeing in her crib while I was changing her diaper, maybe she thought she wouldn't have to take a nap if her sheets were tinkled...but I just changed the sheets and her clothes. But then I swear could just hear those little wheels a turnin' in that little red head ...actually I could just hear her screaming over the baby moniter, but when I finally couldn't stand the madness anymore I went upstairs to retrieve my blazing ball of fury and this is what it looked like.


G. said...

This child and your wonderful descriptions of your life with her just take my breath away. Aunt *G*

Lovie said...

Oh boy! Been there, done that. 20 years ago, in fact. With YOU. I love reliving it and knowing that this time I am the spectator.