Monday, January 14, 2008

My day started out early this morning. Tyler had duty so he had to be on the ship by 6:30 am...I knew this would mess Isabella's schedule up but what could I do? so we groggily piled into the car to take our sailor to the pier. The goodbye kisses had been issued and Isabella had been consoled after the traumatic "walking away of the daddy" so away we puttered, back home to hopefully return to our warm and cozy bed/crib to continue our such luck for this mommy! My little angel has successfully kept herself awake all day long only to snatch a half hour nap which I have suspicions was only to tease me into falling asleep long enough so she could mix up her famous post-nap poopie diaper. At one point she was so exhausted that her head was just too heavy for her to hold up while sitting in her high chair...but when placed in the guessed it! she was wide awake and had those legs going to so fast and so hard she could have won a bicycle marathon. I was in such a desperate state, that I thought a car ride was in order. It worked like a charm. She was out by the time I pulled out of the driveway.

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G. said...

Guess you were feeling a bit "frazzled"!