Friday, January 25, 2008

New shoes and a trip to the craft store

Well today has been a nice day for the two of us so far, Tyler has duty again today, he is on the ship until tomorrow morning, so it's just the Bella and me!

I bought Isabella her first pair of shoes, and I thought today we would take them for a spin...or rather a crawl. She was quite confused at first and clearly disgusted with the idea as she tugged, she pulled, she kicked, she bit, and she tried to eat them off her feet, but to no avail. I think finally she knew she was defeated and resolved to dragging her legs behind her when she crawled. I wonder if the fact that I thought that it was all hilarious makes me a bad mom?

I needed a craft fix so I got us both presentable (complete with the shoes, of course) and I headed my wagon in the direction of the closest craft store in town...I was halfway there when I got an urgent phone call from one desperate sailor...Tyler had left all of his Uniforms at home and there was an inspection on the ship today. Lets just say the turbo in my car came in quite handy...It was fun. After loading my basket up with loot and spending more than I meant to (paper is addictive!) we came home and received some quite juicy and oh-so-exciting news from Lovie...oooh wouldn't you like to know? my lips are sealed!

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G. said...

Girl! You want me to call you in the middle of the night?!?! WHAT exciting news from lovie!! Dang! I'm calling her right now! Aunt *G*