Saturday, March 8, 2008

He ate WHAT?!


Dogs are so gross. I debated on whether or not to blog about this, but after seeing this picture, I can't resist. Tonight, during the last frenzied moments before Isabella's bath, I discarded a considerably full diaper in the nearest trash can. Oops! it was near my mom's black Lab, Jasper's Lair. Earlier in the evening Mom had left a whole bag of Malted Milk ball eggs on the counter, and Dad had left a big variety pack of pudding cups on the table.
After her bath I went downstairs, and upon opening the Kitchen door I was greeted by a very guilty looking, and somewhat bloated Jasper. One glance at the floor and the scattered debree told the story.

First, he succumbed to the temptations of that poopy diaper. Then, I guess he needed something to cut the after taste, so he had a bag of malted milk ball eggs, and what are malted milk ball eggs without a few pudding cups? but of course! his appetite must have been whetted earlier in the afternoon when he enjoyed a couple of juicy apples under the kitchen table.

Needless to say, Jasper was thirsty.

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*G* said...

UGH!! But at least you blogged about something. :( Aunt *G*