Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!



At 2:30 pm Hawaii time, Isabella and I began our long journey home. Fourteen hours, a few embarassing meltdowns and one spilled airplane meal later, we finally sat foot on Tennessee soil, and boy, did it feel nice. We stepped off the airplane and were immidiately greeted by a blast of gloriously cold, mountain air. Nothing has ever felt more invigorating to me!

Flying into Knoxville, with Isabella passed out in my arms, (funny, she waited until we were ALMOST home to fall asleep) an old man walking down the aisle stopped and handed me the blanket she had dropped, as he raised up he said, "Now wouldja take a lookit that?" I looked in the direction he was nodding, and outside my little shoe-box sized window were the most devestaingly beautiful mountains and rolling hills I had ever seen. The sun was shining on the Mountains brighter than ever, it was as if they were welcoming me home and saying, "Beat THAT tropical paradise!"

Funny, people wait their whole lives to go to Hawaii...and here I am, choking up flying into McGee Tyson.


Kaelee said...

How wonderful for you and Isabella. Hope you have a great time at home with the family!

*G* said...

Whooo Hoooo!! You're back...blogging I mean...AND back home again.

I sure hope you are still there the last weekend in March. :~)

Aunt *G*