Thursday, March 13, 2008

A very grand daddy!

There's nothing more special than a girl on her Grand daddy's shoulders. It's a symbol, I think, of how there's not much a Grand daddy won't do for his grand daughter. Just ask my dad! a father of three girls, and a grand father of three grand girls, he pretty much wrote the book on devotion.

I remember my Papa would be sitting in his big brown chair, as comfy as you please...and I would come up to him and say, "Papa PLEASE will you just come outside and push me in the swing one more time?" quick as a whip! those cowboy boots would fold that footrest close, and up he would get, his bones and his chair cracking and groaning in protest, to go outside and push me in that swing he had made himself. I also remember sitting on his bony old knee at the table and asking for Acorn squash, and once again, those signature cowboy boots would go a'shuffling around the kitchen to whip me up a squash, that of course, he had grown himself.

I cherish these memories, I don't have very many as we only got to visit so often, and I know this will also be the case for Isabella for a while until Tyler's career in the Navy is up. I'm trying to take as many pictures as possible, but the best pictures are the ones we store in our minds, with smells and sounds to go with them. I wonder what some of Isabella's memories of Grandaddy will be? will she remember the birds-eye view of the house as he walked her around and around on his shoulders until she wasn't fussy anymore? or will she remember sitting with him in his chair and playing with his face while he talks to her and sings her silly songs?

All I know is, whether they are Papa's or Grandaddy's the memories are very, very special.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about papa today. I miss my papa. :(

*G* said...

Oh, wow! Pass the Kleenex! Great entry. Aunt *G*