Sunday, March 16, 2008

scenes from the sea!

Can you imagine waking up to this every morning? Neither can I! and apparently Tyler is none too keen on it himself. I'll try and describe for you some of his surroundings in the ship. The whole ship, inside and out is painted this lovely shade of gray that you see here in the picture. I must say, not very Feng Shui. The showers, from what he tells me are about the size of a port-a-john, in which after you shower, he has described the feeling of being covered by a film, that I can only conclude must be from all of the chemicals used to "soften" the sea water. Gross. Where they eat is basically like a school lunch room, complete with the smell! but it's extremely small and from what I could tell only holds about 100 sailors at a time. You climb these weird steel ladders to go from level to level in the ship and you could probably find Tyler's DNA on every landing of these stairs with all of the times he has told me of bumping his head. And lastly, his bed, or rather, his "rack" as they all it. Imagine two ironing boards put together, and that is his rack. They fold out from the wall and come complete with a mesh drape to keep you from falling out of your bed during rough waters. Gives a new meaning to the term "tossing and turning" huh?

I am so grateful for what they sacrifice for their country!

He wrote me today and sent a few pictures of what it looks like from his end of the world, and it basically looked like the end of the world. I put this one up because I liked the flag blowing in the wind. He's very homesick, poor guy, and he misses "his girls" but other than that he's doing well. He told me a little something that made my heart hurt though...he was thanking me for sending him packages filled with goodies, and he said some sailors never get a scrap of mail for the whole 6-8 months they are out! poor little sailors! I'm on a mission now, to send packages to the package-less. I've even recruited the help of my sister and mom and hopefully some ladies from the Quilt shop where mom works. Don't you worry lonely, mail-less sailors! these good ol' southern women will take care of you!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm..that picture kind of made me dizzy! Looks like an air craft carrier back there in the back? Can't tell because Tyler's boat blocks the view. :) BTW, that film he's feeling when he showers is actually his body's natural oils. When you have a water purifier it takes out the minerals and salt that strips the natural oils away normally. So what he's feeling is a good thing! It shouldn't be as drying to his skin. Ask him if his soap and shampoo lathers up better on the ship. ...

so enough from your "know-it-all sister" :)