Monday, March 10, 2008

a walk in the park!

Today was such a beautiful day that Lovie, Isabella, The Jasper and I decided to go on a walk in the park. We acquired one Hilary on the way, and then our little brood set out to enjoy the sunshine. One lap around the loop and the playground was just not to be avoided for miss Hilary any longer, we stopped to play and I'm so glad that we did! the girls had so much fun together. Hilary's little blond head was nothing but a blur as she darted from slide, to merry-go-round, to swings with excitement and enthusiasm only a 5 year old can show. Isabella was just as excited as Hilary with the new sensations the swinging gave her...when the wind would hit her face that red hair would just go a flyin' and she would gasp and smile the biggest smile, laugh her beautiful baby laugh and then do that high pitched squeal of pleasure babies do. It was like chocolate for the ears. All the while, I'm watching Hilary's tricks and pushing the baby's swing at the same time, while Lovie and a very tired Jasper sat in the grass and enjoyed the view.
At one point, Hilary wanted to push Isabella's swing. I told her she was doing a good job and her response to me was, "This is what cousins are for!"

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*G* said...

Oh WOW!! I'm craving Spring and cuddles and hugs and smooches and smiles from little girls!! Can't wait to see you all. Only 18 more days!!

Aunt *G*