Monday, August 11, 2008

Bloggers Block

Talk about bloggers block...I've had a pretty serious case, I'm still suffering some mild symptoms but I will try and overcome them long enough to write about something...anything.

First off, my daughter is a bona fide diva/ham. Lately she has been having a love affair with her sunglasses. She wants to wear them EVERYWHERE. She puts those suckers on and it's waves and smiles to anybody who is caught looking in her direction. Like it or not, the unsuspecting individual will be trapped into a conversation of baby gibberish, she typically ends these conversations after a few minutes by slapping her thighs and doing her "fake laugh" then dismisses her prey with a very decided "Bye." no ceremony, no nothin!! just "Bye." and it's over as quickly as it started. You can see her trying desperately to get some one's attention in this picture...probably some poor guy just trying to check his mail. What am I going to do?!

On another completely unrelated note...I've had a real problem with birds flying into my bedroom window early in the poor guy does it about twice a day...usually he has to hang out on my sidewalk for the rest of the afternoon before he can regain his little bird senses. We've learned to just walk around him. I'm surprised he still has his beak! ...Anybody got any tips on how to prevent this? it's a pretty rude awakening at about 7 am.

So did this post make you crave cheesecake? I finally sprang for the springform pan I have been wanting...HA! get it? sprang?...springform?....bad pun. Anyways...I got this lovely springform pan and I made a beautiful home made cheese was amazingly divine. I will NEVER make a boxed cheesecake again. My masterpiece came out of the pan perfectly which made me giddy for the rest of the evening...I also made my own strawberry sauce that I could seriously pour over anything...I'm really not trying to toot my own horn here...but that sauce made me swoon. I have decided that I am going to attempt to make every cheese cake that I have tried from the Cheesecake Factory. I really am quite obsessed with that place. I tried their Godiva chocolate cheesecake a few months ago and...oh my. When I attempt this cake I will have to find someone to pawn off the finished product on since my weird hubby doesn't touch chocolate, it makes him "gag" *gasp*

Well, I apologize for my slightly ADD post...but I warned you I had bloggers block.


Anonymous said...

OMG lol Isabella is so cute. She is a little diva with her little attitude and sunglasses. That cheese cake looks like it is to die for! lol that is sad and funny at the same time about that unfortuate creature that keeps ramming into your window, usually they break there neck the first time but man thats a steady lil fellow. Mabe you should put some drapes on the window. Have you been windexing? are you playing some cruel trick j/k

Lovie said...

Boy would I like to be the person Isabella was engaging in conversation. I could listen all day. Somethinga bout the way she is standing and holding her arms out in the first picture makes her look like her Moma Jo.

Anonymous said...

I would be totally tickled if some of my genes were passed on to Isabella, but, she is far to good looking. Talk about good looking-
wow - what a cheesacake. Wish I were there to have some.
Love you all/ MamaJo.