Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mid-morning tantrum...a typical thing.

I am always fascinated by the escalation of Isabella's tantrums. she's got my number and she knows just what to do. I'm not sure why she throws can be something as simple as me walking into the kitchen to fetch a sippie cup...the sound of the baby gate closing just sends her into a frenzy. I decided to document this mornings episode. I feel kind of like a scientist :) She starts out doing this little, jog in place thing...she screams and jogs in place, it reminds me of Richard Simmons. Then she throws herself onto the floor, usually on all fours, then on her back, and continues to pump those legs, typically this is when I walk away, at least that's what the books say to do, she follows me. She likes to grab onto my legs for good measure...which kinda breaks my heart to be honest with you, but if I try to hold her she just gets mad, so I have to let her run her course. After a while, she gets exhausted, and sits on the floor snuffling and hicupping. Then she wants snuggles and all is well with the world again.

My poor blog, so neglected...Starting school has kept me busy, if I'm not spending special time with the fam. I'm cleaning, doing homework, or sleeping. I'm actually supposed to be working on a "speech" right now, but after my morning, I thought I would blog instead.

The morning starts off like any other, we're feeding Gi-Gi, we're having fun when...

Uh-Oh...I know that armpits start to get sweaty at this point...I desperately hand her Gi-Gi's bottle... to no avail.

Boom. Here it comes. Even the birds stopped chirping when her Gi-Gi hit the ground.

Following me from room to room. After I took this picture I hid in a corer and stuffed my face with birthday cake.

Throwing herself on the floor. I can see now that her feet are nice and dirty. Sigh.

Making sure I know she is mad. Don't worry sweetie, I know.

Getting quieter....

Snuggles with mommy. I'm not pretending to be asleep I'm simply hiding my face. I don't look too pretty right about now.

All is well, back to her goofy self. Just like that!


*G* said...

Sounds like a typical redhead to me. :) Love that first picture - the one before she "erupts". :) Good scientific study. Aunt GG

Lovie said...

Oi.K. so there is is this movie titled, "Diary of a Mad Housewife."
My sweet Isabella reminds me of that movie, only it would be titled, "Diary of a Mad Child"...

I love the entire post because it reminds me of her mother and reminds me that there is, indeed, justice in this world. Haa, hee, whaa haa!