Friday, August 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged by the Lovie!

My mom over at Lovie's Cotton Candy tagged me, so now I must list 5 things I love the most (only five?!) and then tag five other peeps. I could list you about three million...but I'll try to narrow it down...I'll try.

1. ALL my family of course! I love how I have so many inside jokes with my mom and sister, and all we have to do is make eye contact and we bust out laughing. Isn't that just the best?

2. Baking and creating...nothing makes me happier than a loaf of home made bread with home made butter and honey. (It makes hubby pretty happy too!) Coming out of my craft room with a little pink pretty or a new scrap book page is a cure all for ANY bad day.

3. The smell of Isabella's bed time breath. I know, I know, WEIRDO! but whenever I go into her room at night I like to pick her up while she's asleep and giver her a little cuddle and a rock in the ol' rocker, it just melts my heart the way her little baby breath smells...I love it and I don't care if I'm weird!

4. Hearing the sounds of my husband's and my daughter's laughter coming from the other room while they play. Bliss.

5. After Isabella is nestled in her crib, settling in for movie and popcorn with my hubby. It's our little night time ritual, we pop some kettle corn and settle in with a good movie sometimes old, sometimes new. We even do this when we're angry with each other, and always end up not-so-angry afterwards. I sometimes feel like we're on a date tee-hee!

Ok, like I said I could go on and on....maybe I will! maybe one night I'll just go nuts and write about all the things I love...that'll be a long post.

Ok well I am tagging:

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