Monday, August 25, 2008

Thwarted plans

School, too much work, not enough play and stress don't make for a happy couple o' parents. So this weekend I planned a big beach picnic outing, complete with a stocked cooler and beach balls...we packed up our wagon (Isabella supervised) and we headed to the hour later we were on our way home in the midst of a downpour. The beach was full and then it started to pour down rain, so we had our picnic at the kitchen table instead. Today we decided to make some different afternoon plans and we headed out to the biggest mall I have ever been to in my life. It was four stories and outside...I popped on over to the Louis Vuitton store...and nearly had a heart attack over the $256 ipod case, so I popped right back out again and settled for a dorky picture in front of the sign. I got a lot of weird and pitying looks, I didn't mind, I just cheesed my way through that section of the mall...I tried to get Tyler to take my picture in front of the Chanel sign too, but I think he felt a little awkward after that, what?! a stay-at-home momma and sailors wife has to get her jollies somewhere!

The other random shots are of Isabella's new shoes! :) I finally found those pink Converse sneakers I had been looking for, and I also got her her first pair of real blue little girl is all grown up and full of herself!


Anonymous said...

Sorry your beach plans were foiled by the weather.
OMG I love her little converses!
ps. did you get that thing I sent you?

Lovie said...

Those shoes are too cute! I think the LV store needs to hire you just to stand outside and cheese for them. Then maybe you could get a discount and could afford to buy the Ipod case.

Kaelee said...

Not cool to get rained out at the beach, but a four story mall how fun! Love the cheesy pic, my husband probably won't have taken the first pic! Love the new shoes....and cute jeans! She sure is getting big, you can see a bit of her personality in the pics! Hope you guys have a great week.

Brittainy said...

I love the shoes! she looks so grown up.Aunt B.

*G* said...

Love those pink shoes and jeans! I agree with nbtwee sis...L.V. would be doing some smart marketing to hire you for their ads. Aunt G

A glance at my world said...

I love the cons and jeans. I too would have been the dork insisting on taking a picture in front of the sign :)