Sunday, August 31, 2008

A video for you!

After spending months searching the entire island for a video camera battery charger to replace the one I left at my parents house in Tennessee, I finally gave up. So I have resorted to taking mini video clips with my digital camera :) Here is Isabella running into her daddy's arms. Hmph...I do all the grunt work and I sure don't get a reception like this! no fair! mommies are such the underdogs!

The video quality is awful...I'm sorry. I think we have spent over a hundred dollars trying to find the right battery charger to that stupid thing...of course none of them will fit. I'm still holding out for my mom to find it stashed away in one of her "safe places" :-D


*G* said...

Too cute!! Now, take a video of her saying, "Izza - mlmpha". Please!

And a video of her waking up.

And a video of her sleeping, playing, eating, get the idea!!

This will do until you get the "real" camera up and running.

Kaelee said...

What a cute video...adorable...

Anonymous said...

aw that is so cute.

I totally do that when Cody comes home... i'm a lil bigger through and I about nock him down. :)


Lovie said...

Oh man, I watched the video over and over and each time my heart was just a puddle love. I don't know how uch we are paying for this new high speed internet, but this video make it worth every penny. Oh, I found the charger and will be putting it in your Autumn box in a couple of weeks.