Friday, September 5, 2008

A day at the beach

We took a little afternoon off...and spent it at our favorite beach, Ko Olina. Isabella loved her little harness baby float, we made sure to still hold onto her even though she was in her floaty. Walking in the sand proved to be a little awkward for her at times...but mostly she strutted :) As you can see we made a cozy little camp...but later were told beach-side umbrellas were illegal-oops! we were sure to take it down after it blew away across the beach and landed in the water...I guess that's why they're illegal.


A glance at my world said...

Aww...I looks like you guys had fun! I really like your new blog background....did you make it??

*G* said...

Thanks for sharing your afternoon at the beach. Looks like IMP was having a great time. Aunt GG

Anonymous said...

Again, you made my day by sharing Isabella is getting to be such a big girl and a real beach beauty.
I did not see the ocean for the last couple of years and this certaionly made up for it. Love the cup cakes. Look good enough to eat/ I will never forget the ones you r brought me for my birthday.
Love you... MamaJo