Thursday, September 11, 2008

My spin on Hostess

You know those Hostess cupcakes? of course you do...well I'm pretty much obsessed with 'em. I can eat an entire box in one sitting, however I don't recommend it. Sadly enough my obsessions goes as far as contemplating on how I can make my own. Ta-Da. I cheated though, I used a Pilsbury Devils Food cake mix...laziness, PMS, the desire for quick results. I just wolfed down two while writing this and I can't wait to eat one for breakfast.

1/4 C. shortening
1/4 C. unsalted butter
2 C. confectioners sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
3 TBS. of cold milk

Beat together the shortening, salt and the butter until well mixed, add your confectioners sugar, beat well, then gradually add your milk and vanilla. Beat until light and fluffy.

My frosting was so easy it's embarrassing, I like it though because it sets nicely but doesn't get hard.


10 one ounce blocks of bakers chocolate
1/2 C. of unsalted butter

Chop Bakers chocolate into small pieces, melt butter and chocolate together over high heat in a double broiler until smooth and creamy.

I recommend one of the filler tips from Wilton, my mom go one for me a while back and this was my first time using it, it worked perfectly. If you're gonna make these, I would definitely store them in the fridge, simply because of the frosting.



Anonymous said...

Wow, those are so cute. :)


*G* said...

Awesome!! They look like the "real" thing. I bet they are better, though. My mouth is watering. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those look gooooood!!and like the genuine thing!

Do I see teeth marks??


Anonymous said...

yummas! B.

Jessica said...

I start craving sweets everytime you make a post like this! They look divine!

Kaelee said...

OMG! Those look so good, you are such an awesome baker...Ok, now I want something sweet!

A glance at my world said...

Wow...those look just like the real thing and I bet taste a LOT better :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man those look like they came right out of the box! I could never get something to turn out looking that good. They do look yummy, but right now sweets make me gag. The last time i ate a cup cake I yammied. :( Must be the boy in me. How dare he take away my one of my favorite delights. :/


Anonymous said...

the cupcakes are a gorgeous knock-of but you and Bob are " the real thing" gorgeous. Love, MamaJO

Saucy said...

I have always, always wanted to try to make these. Thanks for the recipe - I will try!