Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend project

Finally! my living room is officially painted the color of Martha Stewart's Hemp Rope. (Sorry about this picture quality...all these pictures were taken on a dying camera)

So this turned out to be a bigger ordeal than I thought it would...Tyler and I worked until 2:00 am Saturday night! We had to make sure we got the entire room painted while Isabella was in bed since the living room is the only room in which she can roam free. There's still some little details I need to finish may have noticed my swag rods don't match...that is because every single KMart on the island is out of Martha Stewart silver ball swag rods, but I would much rather have mismatching rods for a few days than have ugly blinds showing. It feels SO nice to have a room in my house that isn't Military Housing White!

I know I have shown you a picture of my mantle once before...but I wanted you to see it with the old window frame hung above it :)

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Jessica said...

I love the white end table! So Cute.....I posted a picture, and you know him!....