Sunday, September 7, 2008

Every fairy has her day

Isabella needed new clothes. she didn't exactly NEED new clothes...but it was time for some new duds...(Somehow I conned the Hubby into agreeing with me:) We started out at Carters...but because the Hubby is a smart man with exceptional taste, he balked upon walking into the store and then insisted we go to Gymboree. When we walked out of Gymboree with a few fabulous outfits and the added bonus of a pink tu-tu twirly skirt, all he could do was roll his eyes. Isabella does love a good twirl. (She is currently twirling for daddy right now, his smile reaches his ears.)

We went home and immediately tried it all on. After a few twirls and some dizzy staggering falls...she was expiring, and fast! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


Lovie said...

What a cute fairy! But you better watch out when the lips began to puff up and get all pouty! When you were a baby and your lips did that, everybody scattered. Sigh...except me, I had to stay and put up with whatever it was you were about dish out.

*G* said...

Ever little fairy needs a twirly skirt. Love it!!