Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silly Cousins-the best kind!

For some reason one picture turned out HUGE and the other picture turned out small...drat. Ok, so the vampire teeth...well, that is totally my silly Isabella...always trying to get a laugh, and the adorable super silly face in the pink T-shirt? that is my sister's baby and Isabella's cousin, Sophia. Since these two kiddos have been born they have not gotten very many chances to see each other since we were stationed so for away...but I know that in the future these two sillies are going to be cooking quite a show for us all! I remember cooking up all kinds of mischief with my cousin Matthew...boy oh boy we used worry our poor mommas to death! There is nothing in the world like having a cousin your own age to play with. Isabella and Sophia were born just a couple of months the SAME delivery room! now that's family.

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*G* said...

I hope I can be around once in awhile when these two are making their mischief together. :)