Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm trying to post this with my one year old riding me like a pony and using my hair for yeah. It wasn't in my mommy job description that I would eventually become a human jungle gym! :)

I have these boring paper shades laying around my house, I have had them for years and am always thinking to myself "I need to get rid of these" but today I decided I would paint one to fill the ugly white space in my spooky corner. I HATE HATE HATE using the flash....but I don't really have a choice in this corner since it's so dark. Now my shade has gone from drab to of my spooky spiders is already hanging out having a grand ol' time.

I'm super excited because this weekend is Tyler's first baseball game, can not WAIT to take pictures! ( he looks so cute in his little uniform! ) I will probably embarrass him in front of all his military-manly-man buddies...I'll have to be sneaky! I also have big plans to paint this weekend, my entryway and my spooky corner are still that terrifying shade of Military-Housing-White...Well I'm just going to have to fix that!


Anonymous said...

That came out cute! I love that glitter paint you use on everything, its so bold. :)

Brittainy said...

I like your spiders!

*G* said...

Pool ol' G-G is just a little confused as to how window shades morphed into a 'box?'. 8~?

MaryCatherine said...

HaHa! gaye gaye...they're paper lamp shades, like Chinese lanterns? They were getting really boring so I redid the square one. Hee-Hee!