Wednesday, January 14, 2009

brownie/curtain therapy...a little cheese with my whine

This has been one of those weeks where I felt like the punches just kept on coming, and the cherry on top was the fact that Hubby had to leave :( I must say, I had been handling really well, rolling like a pro...until yesterday. Without going into too many boring details....lets just say one unsuspecting person just pushed me a wee bit too hard in my delicate position. After a day full of mishaps and a grumpy and very constipated toddler, I went over the edge. WAY over the edge. Hey, I'm only human. (Hubby is at this very moment saying a fervent prayer of thanks at being gone this week)

After my self indulgent little outburst (I think "inept baffoon" and "ignorant monkeys" were the words of choice?...oh dear) I called up my dear friend and confessed my sins...which resulted in a hearty bout of guffawing at my expense. Later that night she showed up at my house with a giant cookie sandwich (aww!) with bright red frosting in the middle...Yummers! I shared it with Isabella thinking "eh, what the heck? a little frosting cookie won't hurt this one time" she gobbled it up like nobody's business which later resulted in the world's largest load of red poopie which then caused me to go into hysteria thinking she was having "bloody stool" .....................yeah.

So since The Bella stole most of my frosting cookie...and because I'm greedy, I made myself a pan of therapy brownies after she went to happy as she could be I might add and probably having a good laugh inside at her ding-dong of a mom ....(her poopie was completely normal today, I'm sure everyone wanted to know that but I felt compelled to share and now I know NEVER let her have that again...although it did work as a fabulous laxative) I decided to calm myself down with a little sewing, chocolate brownie and some mindless televison. I ended up sewing these MUCH needed curtains for my upstairs bathroom.

The first picture is alright...but in the second one I had to use the flash and you can tell. Notice my classy stainless steel towel rack placed ever so nicely OVER the toilet? Compliments of the Navy. The first thing I do when I move into a military house is de-military it as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to be provided with such nice housing but the stark white atmosphere is an irresistible blank canvas for me , SO...I remove the ugly, wood veneer kitchen cabinet doors and pile my them with attractive dishes and antiques...I remove the horrid nightmare we call Venetian blinds (whoever invented those and thought they were attractive must have been on something strong...seriously) and I paint the walls...all of this, I of course have to store in the garage and put back before we move out, but it's worth it to me. Unfortunately though the ugly and oddly placed steel towel racks (and they will put four or five in one bathroom, no joke) I just have to deal with because they are firmly bolted to a steel stud in the wall. They must have seen me coming.

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Mer said...

I am so envious of your paint :'(