Saturday, January 10, 2009

this post is not about our feet

Because that would just be...weird. No, this post is about doing what I don't do best...sitting back and taking a "chill pill"

I know that lately my posts have been sporradic at best, and the qaulity of my pictures definitely leaves something to be desired...sorry 'bout that. but with the stress of Tyler's rapidly approaching departure weighing on me, I have felt an immense amount of pressure to "do this" and "do that" and "get it all done" All of this at the expense of our precious bit of real family time we have left together. I handle stress very poorly. During times of pressure I tend to become a very unflattering version of myself. I develop tunnel vision and I become so wound up in a task that I stress myself out and all anybody really wants to do is hide from me, which typically results in a general boo-hooing on my end...NOT pretty.

So when I recently submitted my prayer request at my ladies bible study to somehow get it all done... a well seasoned Navy wife, whom I greatly admire, approached me and very gently reminded me "Quality, Mary-Catherine, not quantity." This stopped me dead in my tracks, God is funny like that. I prayed for peace and viola! I began to realize that if certain things didn't get done, it would be O.K. So the dishes sat in the sink for a while, who cares? and the laundry situation in our house is slightly out of control...big deal And don't even get me started on the garage and back yard and homework load...I realized that now more than ever it is imperative for me to measure my priorities and take time to enjoy my family.

It's like a great weight was lifted off of my shoulders...We're not doing anything different, but the day-to-day has become an opportunity for me to just shake off all of the excess clutter on my brain, wipe my mental check list clean, and just enjoy the view of my husband and daughter playing "horsey" on our living room floor that...honestly? needs a good vaccuuming...another day, another day.


Tamie said...

Mary Catherine, you are much wiser than your years. I truly wish I would have been able to sit back and relax more when my children were younger. When you turn your head, little children you look at today will be saying to you, gee...didn't we just go on field trips together?!:)Enjoy your sweet family now girl.

Angela said...

Wow, this hit home girl! You have a way with words and really gave me that viola moment too. Thanks for sharing and I hope that I can just Slow down and take it all in as well. Thanks for sharing such a good message on life.

Screaming Meme said...

MC~ I loved this post...I felt what you were saying...And I am the same way...We are very similar...When is he due to leave? I want you to be a part of the Project...I think you would be such a great inspiration for women who are in the same "boat"...( A little joke...He is in the Navy, right...;) )...Think about it...I would love for you to write on ways to manage your life when your hubby is away...not to mention mother advice...and decorating...and anything else that you may be good at or that waomen can learn from you...You can choose when you want to post...If it is too much for you...We would love to have you as follower...Let me know...Keep your chin up...Meme