Saturday, January 17, 2009


I keep seeing these nifty little inspiration boards popping up all over bloggyland...just had to make one for myself!

On my board is a little conglomeration of things-or people-that inspire me. I think this perfectly sums up my sources of inspirations...the old photo of my mom...the picture of Isabella still fresh with her scrunchy newborn pretty pink money Tyler brought me back from Hong Kong. These all represent important things in my life. My amazingly artistic mom is the one who began my passion for creativity, my baby Bella of course inspires me daily, and my hubby traveling all around the world, seeing amazing places and always remembering to send me a unique trifle. But for me, the most fun part of all is adding new things as time goes by.

If you have a little time on your hands...make one for yourself and hang it in a corner of your house that you walk past every day.


*G* said...

Mary,absolutely love this! Actually, my craft room has bits of inspiration scattered all and there on the walls, cabinets, curio shelves and a 'memory board'. There's a photo of a very young "nana" sitting on a picnic table with one leg lifted high in the air and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. It's a constant reminder to me to have fun and be funny as much as possible. There's a photo of your "papa" that reminds to try and be more gentle and patient with those who "try" me. There are handcrafted items from your mom and your Aunt Viki that bring joy and memories each time they catch my eye. There's that little bit of hand embroidered dresser scarf salvaged from one of the few pieces of "nana's" hand work that tells me there is at least a little bit of creativity in all of us. And there all of those handmade items from my crafting friends from around the US and the world that make life fun and interesting all the time.

Lovie said...

Love it, love it.

Brenna said...

Could you post instructions? I'm craft-challenged.