Friday, April 17, 2009

A giveaway and some ramblings

I'm shamelessly leaving my mug all over the place over at Bee and Rose these days. I've been following her for a while now, she makes me giggle and she homeschools too!

So yeah...about me and my mug...she's having this monster giveaway you see...Unless you live in a blogland cave then you probably have heard all about it because it's all over the place...I mean this is a crazy fantasic giveaway we're talking about here...I'm salivating over the cup-cake apron (because you all know about me and my pink cupcake kitchen) not to mention she has her own Halloween boutique called Black Crow Boutique that features these dolls called Ugly Dolls...I LOVE those ugly, ole dolls...they fall into the category of "so ugly it's cute" heh heh heh....ok so if you hurry you still have a chance to enter for yourself! She's taking entries until 11:59 pm MST April 17' hurry hurry hurry!

Anywho...a while back one of my sister gifted me with this fabulous pink, vintage was positively dreamy. It had a lot of holes (because it really was vintage) so I was unable to use it on my table...I was contemplating pillows but I decided to try it out as a window valance first...what do ya'll think? As I'm typing this I kinda think I may have written about this before...I can't even recall, oh jeez. Well, if I did I hope you don't mind a re-run!

I gotta tell ya, I'm really digging decorating with old plates lately...they are addictive. I found all of my old antique plates at the Goodwill...some of them are chipped in places, but hey, they only cost me fifty cents a plate so I can't complain! Plus, who can tell when they're hung way up over a window? not me!

Now Isabella's art desk I know I have blogged about before...but I just took this other picture yesterday because I moved the desk to a different wall (and completely gutted my clutter self and gussied it up a bit with some pom-poms)...I can't help it though, seeing her messy, little desk just makes me smile, what's even better is the way she pronounces the word draw....she asks me if she can go "dwaw" Love it!!!!


Bee and Rose said...

Wow! I'm blushing from all of the bloggy love! Thank you! I wish I could win my own giveaway! lol!

I LOVE your valance! What a fabulous idea! I have an old quilt top that I might try this with!

Your kitchen is adorable! You really should go into interior design! I LOVE IT!

You are just the sweetest! Thank you again for all of your support and for the very lovely post about my giveaway!

Big hugs!!!!

*G* said...

Oh!! That valance is so fantabulously pinkalicious!!

And Isabella's little desk is just precious.

And your whole kitchen is just so adorable and "you".

Mer said...

Eeew I love your window valence! It came out so cute. You must have gotten the hang of your sewing machine. :) I thought about you today...when I went to Ikea. lol I've been meaning to call you, but then the right time passes me by. I will definatly call this week.